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RGR Training Center

2303 E. Sahara Ave #205

Las Vegas, NV 89104

Office # 702-628-2394

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* Money is not refundable.

* Student must complete the OSHA class to receive certification.

* If the student doesn’t show up to the OSHA class, we can only provide one chance to    
   reschedule, Money not refundable.

* If the student does not complete the class or only completes half of the class, student  
   or company will be charged, Student will not receive certification and student must   
   retake entire class, Student or company will repay to take class.

* Fee of $50 for any OSHA cards replacements with-in three years of OSHA card issued.

* In Nevada OSHA 10 & 30hr cards don’t expired. Sign June 10, 2015 S.B. 233

* If you lose your original OSHA card you are allowed only one OSHA card replacement Fee $50 (without training) With-in 3 years of    OSHA completion. If you lose your OSHA again, you must take full OSHA training class or if exceeds 3 years must retake OSHA        entire 10hrs or 30hrs training class. 

* Contact your original OSHA AUTHORIZED OUTREACT Provider to verify any training by requesting sign-in sheets or roster.

* Minimum of 10 students for any off-site training other than at RGR Training Center

New Improved OSHA cards . Starting March 2016 OSHA is improving the security of OSHA cards. You can now verify training's by using the bar-code on your mobile device. This is a great way to prevent fraudulent cards. Now anyone can verify the authenticity of the cards.

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